Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sprinter Bookmobile

Available From: http://www.meridiansv.com/vehicles
Price: $139,000
Retrieved From: http://www.meridiansv.com/inventory/vehicle/sprinter-demonstrator-13900
Contributed By: Lisa Herning

The Sprinter is such a marvelous platform from which to build and operate a bookmobile. These easy and fun to drive vehicles are not only economical to purchase and operate, but they also carry a huge inventory for their size. Built with the environment, usability, versatility and affordability in mind, this Sprinter is ready for immediate service in your outreach program.This bookmobile features all of the amenities of larger units but draws its power for all-LED interior lighting, ventilation, side door power, Wi-Fi, and more from a bank of batteries powered by the sun!
  • Features
    2009 Dodge Sprinter Van, 170” Ext. Wheelbase, Power options
    Bus-style low curb door for easy access
    1300-1500 Volume capacity
    Four removable book carts
    120V and 12V Air Condition/Heat
    Solar powered interior LED lighting, and ventilation
    Wheelchair lift (usable as book cart lift)
    13-foot Side Awning

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